Siemens to Present Automation, Propulsion and Power Generation Solutions for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard at the Sea-Air-Space Exhibition 2018

• Expert Briefings Offered at Siemens’ Booth 2725


Thursday, April 5, 2018 9:21 am EDT


Arlington, VA

Siemens will engage Navy and Coast Guard leaders at Sea-Air-Space (SAS) 2018 on its world-class technology solutions in the areas of electrification and automation, power generation, lifecycle management and ruggedized shipboard communication systems.

With more than 130 years of demonstrated technology breakthroughs in the maritime environment – including the first known use of electricity at sea and the world’s first electrically-powered ship – Siemens is proud to serve the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and their shipyard and prime contractor communities.

Siemens maritime experts will be on hand to detail how the company is building on its proud technological breakthroughs of the past, to address some of the most pressing energy storage and power generation challenges facing the Sea Services today. Key expert topic presentations offered in Siemens’ Booth 2725 will include:


  • Driving the Digital Enterprise:  The Value of Digitalization in Shipbuilding

April 9 / 1030 & 1430 | April 10 / 1030 & 1430

Presented by Randy Langmead, Siemens PLM Fellow

Learn how Siemens’ digitalization tools are able to enhance model-based design requirements, improve fleet operational availability through predictive analysis and digital twins, and, reduce total cost of ownership, resulting in affordable readiness today and tomorrow.

  • The Benefits of PEM Fuel Cells for Air-Independent Propulsion in UUVs

April 9 / 1100 & 1530 | April 10 / 1100 & 1530

Presented by Dan Wise, Ph.D., PE, CAPT, USN (Ret)

Siemens has provided air independent fuel cell power to Allied forces’ submarine fleets for over a decade; come learn more about how Siemens fuel cell technology is readily adaptable to UUVs yielding greater power density and safety than batteries alone.

  • Variable Frequency Power Generation & Energy Storage for a Modern Frigate

       April 9 / 1300 & 1600 | April 10 / 1300 & 1600

       Presented by Bryant Fuller, RDML, USN (Ret)

Learn how Siemens has operational technology at sea today to address integrated electric ship requirements, including incorporation of a DC bus and stored energy systems, providing capability aligned with the Navy’s Integrated Power & Energy Systems Technical Development Roadmap.

  • The Benefits of Mechanical PODs for Heavy Polar Ice Breakers

April 9 / 1400 | April 10 / 1400

Presented by Luke Briant, Marine Technology Manager, USA

Siemens is a market leader in podded propulsion technologies. The U.S. Coast Guard’s heavy polar ice breaker fleet has one of the most demanding operational profiles of any ship class in the world. Learn how mechanical podded propulsion can help reduce capital, operational, and maintenance costs of the future heavy polar ice breaker fleet.

  • Quiet Electric Propulsion for Research Vessels

       April 9 / 1330 & 1630 | April 10 / 1330 & 1630

       Presented by Christopher Toft, Business Development Manager, Marine

When conducting oceanographic research, long dwell time on station and quiet ship operations are essential to maximizing scientific discovery. See how Siemens is continuously innovating to meet the unique technological needs of the oceanographic research vessel fleet.

  • Fulfilling Mission-Critical Communications

April 9 / 1500 | April 10 / 1500

Presented by AJ Nicolosi, Sr. Business Development Manager, Ruggedcom Solutions

Siemens RuggedRated™ shipboard communications systems are found aboard more than 85 percent of the Navy fleet. Come find out why Ruggedcom is the smart “com” choice in the harshest environments at sea.

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