Siemens Unveils Major Renovation of R&D Facility in Princeton, NJ

Corporate Technology Facility Converts to Siemens New Way of Working (NewWow) Office Configuration, Creating an Open, Creative Environment to Enable Groundbreaking Research 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 10:03 am EDT


New York, NY
"This new space will allow for more efficiency, cost savings and employee satisfaction and collaboration."

Today, Siegfried Russwurm, Member of Managing Board & Chief Technology Officer, Siemens AG joined leadership and employees from Siemens Real Estate (SRE) and Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) US for a ribbon cutting to reveal the newly renovated CT research & development  facility. The Princeton, NJ location has transformed into a Siemens New Way of Working (NewWow) workspace, including the construction of new, state-of-the-art labs that will allow researchers to develop high-impact innovations to help CT’s customers enhance their competitiveness. The multi-million dollar site renovation has expanded and modernized the world-class research & development facility, which previously featured private offices throughout and is home to hundreds of research scientists, consultants and software engineers who provide technological solutions to the global family of Siemens’ businesses.

“Siemens Real Estate is proud to work with our counterparts at Corporate Technology to create a modern space for employees to conduct their leading-edge research, while allowing them the privacy that is required,” said Michael Kruklinski, Head of SRE for the Americas. “This new space will allow for more efficiency, cost savings and employee satisfaction and collaboration.”

“For more than 30 years, our employees have been developing breakthroughs in science and emerging technologies,” said Terry Heath, Senior Vice President, CT US.  “This configuration in Princeton creates a better overall workspace for our employees and fosters a creative environment, enabling our team to spawn fresh, innovative technologies.”

At the April 1 ribbon cutting and tour, Terry Heath, Senior Vice President, CT US, Michael Kruklinski, Head of SRE for the Americas joined Scott Schlissel, General Manager, Northeast Region, SRE, Joe Panek, Northeast Area Manager, SRE and local Princeton Siemens employees to showcase the redesigned space.

The U.S. serves as a vital production location and one of the most important research centers, where Siemens’ invests more than $1 billion annually in R&D.  With approximately 50,000 employees in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, more than 5,000 Siemens employees work in R&D.   The enhancements to the Princeton facility allow Siemens’ researchers to innovate and invent technologies leveraging the companies leadership role in digitalization, electrification and automation.

Details of the modernized space and its new features include:

  • The total renovation area of the first and second floors is 67,200 square feet.
  • An additional 9,600 square feet of usable space was constructed on the ground floor, which was formerly storage. The ground floor now includes an All Hands General Meeting Space with a state of the art AV system, a fully stocked fitness center, a library and new locker rooms.
  • The new configuration allowed for more than twice as many research labs to be built.  The construction of additional labs gives teams the flexibility to work in a collaborative environment for joint projects in a wide range of spaces, including Future Automation and Imaging.
  • The space has been “opened up,” allowing for more natural light with large windows throughout.
  • Dated cubicles have been removed and replaced with height-adjustable pinwheel desks.
  • The renovated facility includes building-wide online connectivity, an expandable wiring system and an upgraded security infrastructure.


The Siemens New Way of Working model, has been implemented at more than 80 sites in 35 countries internationally.  A key component of the program is to ensure minimal disruption during the construction process and provide an opportunity for employees to have a voice in the final result of the site configuration.

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