Siemens Launches Industry Education Initiative for National Fire Prevention Week

Collaboration with Marvel Entertainment seeks to raise awareness for voice communication technology

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 12:49 pm EDT


Buffalo Grove, Illinois

WHAT:           “A Cause for Alarm”  

Every year during Fire Prevention Week, Siemens tries to increase public awareness about fire / life safety, help affect positive change in fire codes, and support first responders. This year, the company decided to take a creative yet informative approach, highlighting one particular technology – voice communication systems. To do that, Siemens worked with Marvel Entertainment to create a comic poster, titled “A Cause for Alarm,” that depicts how emergency voice communication systems can help building occupants evacuate structures quickly and efficiently.



Occupants in buildings with emergency voice are three times more likely to evacuate immediately. Voice communication can be used to deliver every day and emergency life safety messages that are not just about fire, but also dangerous weather conditions, active shooters, or other scenarios that require immediate action be taken.

Emergency voice communication systems are now available to all building sizes – from large to small. However, small to mid-size buildings such as retail, dormitories, movie theaters, and religious assembly buildings are not as likely to have installed them. In fact, hotels and mid-rise office buildings that may be as high as five stories are not yet required by code to have emergency voice. However, IBC 2012 does now require K-12 schools to include the technology in their fire alarm systems.


National Fire Prevention Week: October 9 – 15, 2016


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  • Read what Siemens Building Technologies, North America’s president, Dave Hopping, has to say about the project and the underlying importance of fire safety in his blog.

  • Help increase awareness about fire and life safety during this very important week.



  • Dave Hopping, President, Siemens Building Technologies Division – North America

  • Dan Finnegan, Head of Industry Affairs for Fire, Siemens Building Technologies Division – North America  


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