Siemens introduces ultra-compact Coriolis flow meter for skid and machine builders

Monday, January 27, 2014 4:10 pm EST


Spring House, PA

Siemens introduces ultra-compact Coriolis flow meter for skid and machine builders

  • Currently the lightest and most compact Coriolis flow meter with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 percent of rate
  •  Mini Flow Link: Built-in transmitter functionalities to the sensor permit fast data transmission and flexible installation in confined spaces without the need of additional transmitters
  • Simple and cost-effective integration into process control systems

With Sitrans FC410, Siemens presents the lightest and one of the most compact Coriolis flow meter currently available on the market, featuring a high measuring accuracy of 0.1% of rate. With dimensions of only 10.4”(L) x 11”(H) x 3.5”(D) and a weight of 10lbs in the ½ inch sensor, the meter is ideal for integration into machine and plant construction or for frame-mounted equipment in chemical, oil and gas and food and beverage industries, for example. The combination of compact design, high accuracy, with a high degree of environmental protection orients Sitrans FC410 toward use in almost any facility, especially where space is very limited.

In 2012, Siemens introduced the Sitrans FC430, a next generation of digital Coriolis flow measurement technology featuring a short build-in length suitable for liquid or gas applications within process industries such as chemical and pharmaceuticals.

With the new Mini Flow Link (MFL) concept, Siemens has succeeded in accommodating transmitter functionalities in just the sensor. The digitally based MFL permits a more compact design. The digital MFL features a fast signal update rate of 10 milliseconds and provides the mass flow, volume flow, density, and temperature of the medium. The innovative CompactCurve design of the sensor developed by Siemens ensures a high level of measurement reliability due to the sensor’s stable zero point, low pressure loss, and resistance to process noise. Sitrans FC410 is especially suitable for use in challenging applications where accuracy and reliability in measurements of density and mass are required. Sitrans FC410 is certified for use in the pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industries according to the most important standards, such as 3A, and FDA.

Sitrans FC410 communicates with Simatic and all other common process control systems via the multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU485 and can be integrated easily into both existing and new systems. Installation and commissioning of the flow meter require only simple, one-time configuration in the control system. If a flow meter is moved or further flow meters are connected, the user settings are automatically transferred.

The combination of compact design, high accuracy, IP67 degree of protection and a wide variety of functions orients Sitrans FC410 toward use in the most challenging of applications.

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