Siemens RUGGEDCOM RSG2288 Becomes Part of Symmetricom's SyncWorld Ecosystem Program for Power Utilities


Monday, June 24, 2013 4:48 pm EDT


"RuggedCom’s interoperability testing results were an important reason it was chosen for the Symmetricom SyncWorld Ecosystem program"

• SyncWorld’s intensive testing demonstrates vendor interoperability
• RUGGEDCOM RSG2288 Transparent Clock seamlessly transports 1588 timing signals
• Program provides customers with a proven end-to-end timing solution


Symmetricom, a leading provider of precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions, has selected Siemens RUGGEDCOM RSG2288 transparent clock for its SyncWorld Ecosystem Program for Power Utilities.


The RSG2288 is a utility grade, fully managed, modular Gigabit Ethernet switch with IEEE 1588 version 2 capability. It is designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh utility substation and industrial environments and deliver highly accurate network based precision timing.


Precision timing has been used extensively in electric power applications for many years but more sophisticated measurement devices combined with the high accuracy IEEE 1588 version 2 precision timing protocol has opened the door for new applications that provide more efficient use of Smart Grid resources. Customers can now be assured that the components they choose for applications such as IEC 61850 process bus or synchrophasors will work flawlessly together.


“RuggedCom’s interoperability testing results were an important reason it was chosen for the Symmetricom SyncWorld Ecosystem program,” said Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing at Symmetricom. “We are excited to have RuggedCom join SyncWorld to ensure the reliability for our customer networks.”


The components of the program ensure that the precise time source information from the Grandmaster clock is passed transparently through the network without loss of accuracy to reach the end devices. Keeping all the devices in sync is an important step in the safe and efficient operation of the Smart Grid.


“Symmetricom’s SyncWorld Ecosystem Program is an impressive combination of tested timing products,” says Jim Slinowsky, VP Product Management, RUGGEDCOM product portfolio.  “Symmetricom is a global leader in time synchronization technology and the RSG2288 is a strong addition to the program.”


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