Siemens providing first-of-its-kind grid stability technology to Dominion Energy

New Siemens SVC PLUS Mobile (Mobile STATCOM) solution can be located anywhere in order to rapidly restore power grids


Wednesday, October 18, 2017 9:04 am EDT


Raleigh, NC

Siemens is providing Dominion Energy, a subsidiary of one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, with the company’s first Mobile SVC STATCOM technology. The solution keeps the grid stable during disturbances and faults by providing fast and controlled reactive power. Mobile STATCOM gives the utility an unprecedented level of flexibility to move the device anywhere grid support is needed, especially in cases of unexpected outages from extreme weather or unplanned events. Instead of several years of planning and executing a permanently installed substation project, the Siemens STATCOM technology can be moved within days.

“By using this device, Dominion Energy is meeting today’s need to maintain reliability but also prepare their transmission system for future challenges,” said Nicolas Sanloup, head of Siemens Transmission Solutions. “Siemens is proud to bring this industry-leading solution to Dominion Energy to help them navigate an ever changing energy landscape and provide greater reliability to their consumers.”

The flexible nature of the substation technology will also help Dominion Energy manage the growing number of renewable and distributed energy resources on its power grid. As these generation sources come online, they often change how a traditional grid operates. Temporary STATCOM installation helps keep the grid stable while the utility is able to allow sufficient time to plan for renewables on its system. The substation technology also responds to any faults on the transmission network within milliseconds. 

Siemens expects to deliver the first mobile STATCOM device in mid-2018.


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