Trust is the new Gold!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 10:30 am EDT


Mirko Ross

Devices in the smart world and their data are interconnected to virtual service layers. Our bright visions of smart cities, smart industries, autonomous driving or personalized health depend on a complex data supply chain.

The dependencies are manifold. The rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence is tied to the integrity of the data feeding the machines. Not so long ago it was often claimed that “Data is the new Oil” needed for the future of a connected economy and society.

But this is only partly true.

In fact: You need “trusted” data and “trusted” devices providing data services. As machine learning is relied on more often for automated decisions, Cybercriminals can try to attack machine learning algorithms. Influencing the training data is highly dangerous, with the goal of manipulating the results of the machine learning algorithm predictive model.

So, data without trust becomes worthless, even worse: poisonous. Without trust our bright vision of smart services will go nowhere. That’s why we must claim “Trust” as the new Gold.

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