Marking a Light Rail Vehicle Milestone in San Francisco

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 9:55 am EDT



Michael Cahill, President, Siemens Rolling Stock

Yesterday, I was honored to join Mayor Ed Lee, the SFMTA board, community stakeholders, members of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors and local residents to mark an important milestone in the design process for San Francisco’s new light rail vehicles. Siemens partnered with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SMFTA) to display a full-size version of the city’s new light rail vehicle along San Francisco’s iconic Embarcadero. We were thrilled to have the Mayor and members of the public view first-hand the design of the new, advanced-technology vehicles that will help move the more than 700,000 passengers who use San Francisco’s transportation system.

Last year, SMFTA and Mayor Lee announced they will bring 175 new light rail vehicles to the region, and an options order was recently finalized for Siemens to provide an additional 40 light rail vehicles for the system. This fleet expansion, also representing Siemens largest order ever for light rail vehicles in the U.S., will bring more reliable and efficient modes of transportation to the city of San Francisco.  And, since these vehicles are being designed, engineered and built at Siemens 800-person rail manufacturing hub in Sacramento, CA, they also bring highly-skilled jobs to the northern California region.

These newly-developed cars represent a new generation of light rail equipment. They will be especially energy-efficient thanks for a light-weight drive system that recuperates braking energy, and an LED lighting system that uses up to 40 percent less electricity than standard neon lightly. This step in the design process also includes incorporating features gather from the public last fall, including a new seating configuration, new interior color schemes, new exterior design and a host of other features that will improve service for hundreds of thousands of daily riders.

We’re thrilled to extend our technology partnership with San Francisco and share this state-of-the-art light rail equipment with the Mayor, future commuters and operators. This display is an important part of the design and production process, and is an exciting step in bringing these vehicles to San Francisco to enhance mobility in the city.