Manufacturing in the Digital Age

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 9:15 am EDT

“Just as technology has upended almost every other sector, innovations in areas like robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing are reshaping manufacturing in a major way,” Stephen Maye, cost-host of the Project Management Institute (PMI) podcast Projectified™ with PMI, says to open a recent episode.

Citing a recent survey by McKinsey, Co-host Tegan Jones added that digital manufacturing is now “a top priority for nearly 70 percent of industrial companies around the world.”

For more perspective on the factory of the future, Maye and Jones spoke to Sid Verma, Global Head and VP – IoT Services at Siemens USA.

“We always talk about the big data, right?,” says Verma. “But it was always around the IT infrastructure. So the business in manufacturing started adapting some of those tech innovations, and they are making a big impact. So the example here is IoT. IoT has always been there … but now they are able to collect information from different sources and then do remote monitoring, be able to process it and make intelligent decisions.”

 To listen to the episode and read a full transcript, visit PMI’s website.


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