Innovation and Reinvention of Financing: Key to Manufacturing

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 12:00 pm EDT



Gary Amos, CEO Commercial Finance Americas, Siemens Financial Services

As Seen In: LinkedIn Pulse, Gary Amos, originally posted on June 25th

Siemens Financial Services, Inc. – the U.S. arm of the global Financial Services division of Siemens (SFS) – is a leading provider of business-to-business financial services in the United States and a committed business ally. SFS combines deep industry expertise with integrated financing solutions to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of its customers. The company, based in Iselin, NJ, enables business expansion for thousands of customers in the healthcare, energy, and infrastructure industries by providing customized solutions that range from equipment financing and working capital to project and export finance, and insurance solutions. Further information on Siemens Financial Services in the United States:

Innovation is rarely a word we hear to describe financing. When people think finance, they think stodgy banks, Wall Street and terse, competitive trading floors. Throughout my tenure at Siemens Financial Services (SFS), I’ve had the opportunity to see the value tailored financial solutions can provide to positively impact society.

Supporting a broad offering of industries, including; healthcare, energy and infrastructure – one of our company’s key focuses has become the future of manufacturing. Our goal at SFS is to enable industrial enterprises to advance the field of manufacturing while remaining competitive. Our company recently spoke with the top 20 global industrial equipment manufacturers to learn about the untapped potential for electricity efficiency in the area of manufacturing and published a whitepaper with the results. In this context, electricity efficiency is defined as the electricity consumption savings that a manufacturing company can save by installing more electricity-efficient technology.

According to the SFS whitepaper, titled “More from Less”, electricity usage in manufacturing has undergone huge growth over the last 40 years. This growth has risen three times faster than overall energy usage, and represents a quarter of industrial energy consumption. Global manufacturing today accounts for nearly 42% of annual electricity consumption. With consumption rising alongside costs, it’s easy to see why today’s manufacturing companies seek to acquire more electricity-efficiency equipment. They assume newer equipment will reduce electricity consumption and lower production costs.


SFS’s research provides an estimate on the untapped potential for electricity-efficiency (usage and cost savings, expressed as a proportion of total consumption) in the manufacturing sector by key countries:

Many smaller and mid-sized manufacturing operations lack access to financing to fund energy-efficient equipment. This trend has become increasingly prevalent in many countries (demonstrated by the graph above). Backed by Siemens’ 167-year heritage and broad industry expertise, our SFS teams have arranged flexible financing models that resulted in manufacturers’ energy savings and offset the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Partnering with specialist financing providers, such as Siemens Financial Services, allows customers to receive customized electricity-efficient finance recommendations. These integrated solutions include items, such as; an electricity efficiency assessment, possible equipment, installation and maintenance recommendations. All the while these solutions can deliver savings and produce positive net cash flow for customers. Innovations in finance can reduce electricity usage and product time to market, meanwhile increasing productivity and improving efficiency. These solutions are instrumental in developing energy-efficiency for global manufacturing.

Improving product time to market, saving energy and revolutionizing manufacturing globally… now who said financial services can’t be innovative.

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