First light rail vehicle arrival marks start of new transportation era in San Francisco (PHOTOS)

Monday, January 16, 2017 11:30 am EST



Michael Cahill, President, Siemens Rolling Stock in North America

Today, we joined the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to celebrate the delivery of the city’s first new Siemens-built light rail vehicle. It’s a significant milestone not only for future riders, but for our manufacturing plant just a few hours east in Sacramento, CA where we’re building a record 215 of these vehicles (our largest U.S. light rail order ever!).

It was a great event that celebrated how partnership and innovation can transform the way people will move in and around San Francisco.  As the city has made transportation infrastructure a top priority, this collaboration is helping shape the future of public transportation for San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

These new light rail vehicles have been designed with the latest advanced technology that will soon improve the transportation experience for approximately 235,000 passengers who use San Francisco’s Muni railway system.  

“An incredible amount of work went into making sure these vehicles are going to work for us in San Francisco – for our riders, for our hills, for our environment on the streets,” said SFMTA Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin. “So much detail went into making sure that we’re really going to get the performance, the comfort, the safety that we want in our system.”

With a sleek appearance and new seating configurations, the cars were truly designed with the rider in mind. The vehicles are more energy-efficient with a regenerative braking system and LED lighting that uses up to 40 percent less electricity than standard neon lighting. We’ve also designed the LRVs to be extremely reliable – estimated to last 10 times longer before requiring significant maintenance than the previous light rail vehicles.

As we see the demand for transit grow every day, Siemens is proud to be a key player in helping advance the transportation industry in San Francisco and across the country.   

Congratulations to London Breed, President of San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation, SFMTA and the City of San Francisco on this important milestone. We’re proud to manufacture these vehicles in California, for California, and to be one step closer in bringing these vehicles to life in San Francisco! 

Check out photos below of the new LRVs for SFMTA:


Exterior view of Muni LRV

Vehicles are designed with new seating configurations


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