Siemens announces winner of “Industrial Robotics Award” in Robot Startup Competition

Friday, September 18, 2015 2:46 pm EDT


Chenyang Xu, General Manager at Siemens Technology to Business

Siemens is pleased to announce the winner of the “Industrial Robotics Award” in the Robot Launch 2015 startup competition: The Construct, a robotics start-up from Spain and the USA and the self-proclaimed ‘Netflix of robotics simulators.’ The Construct will join the Siemens Frontier Partner program, which provides access to Siemens’ PLM software, the Siemens Solution Software and Technology Partner Program, and other developmental resources.  

Ricardo Tellez, CTO of The Construct pictured with Carolin Funk, Manager of Venture Technology, Siemens Technology to Business

The Construct offers a cloud-based hub system that gives access to the best robotics simulators of the world through a single web account. The Construct will be the third robotics startup accepted into the Siemens Frontier Program, joining Clearpath Robotics, a global robotics company dedicated to automating the world's dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs with intelligent service robots, and Modbot, a rapid robot development platform bringing industrial precision and power to consumer assembled robots.  


The Siemens Frontier program seeks out new approaches in robotics simulation, motion planning, robot interoperability, deployment and optimization in the field of industrial robotics, and especially startups that are developing on Robot Operating System (ROS).  Partnering with Siemens brings the scale and scope necessary to help startups succeed. The Siemens Frontier program also accepts applications from 3D printing startups; in both robotics and 3D printing.  The goal is to accelerate development and time to market so that Siemens industrial customers can benefit. 


In addition to sponsoring the Industrial Robotics Award, Siemens co-sponsored the final pitching and judging session at the awards ceremony for Robot Launch 2015, held on September 18th in Palo Alto, CA. The 15 finalists, selected from almost 100 robotics startups from around the world, pitched to an audience of investors and robotics entrepreneurs.   Siemens Technology to Business (TTB) Manager of Venture Technology Carolin Funk served as a judge on the panel along with venture capitalists and experts from Lux Capital, SRI International, CSIRO, WilmerHale, and iRobot.


The Robot Launch global startup competition was co-organized by Silicon Valley Robotics, a regional robotics cluster, and, a global robotics research and online community news network.  A selection of companies ranging from law firms to venture capital firms sponsored awards amounting to $100,000 in prizes and services tailored specifically for robotics companies and geared toward providing real business acceleration for the winners.