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W/'s focus on industry must focus on training. Workers aren't born w/advanced skills! weeks 5 days ago
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Congrats again to Vineet Edupuganti, the $100,000 scholarship winner of the ! weeks 1 day ago
Congrats again to Adhya and Shriya Beesam, the $100,000 scholarship winners for the ! weeks 1 day ago
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Excited to be on the campus of today as we celebrate the ! Best of luck to all the finalists! — 41 weeks 1 day ago
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Proud that is helping provide a good path to help open the door for people who feel left out of the economy weeks 6 days ago
Great discussion at on the importance of advancing our skilled workforce. weeks 6 days ago
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Nothing quite like a thank you from 80,000 Clemson fans. Go Tigers! weeks 3 days ago
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Honored to be a part of the IAC-strong example of removing barriers for investing in US economy. 46 weeks 2 days ago
., creating jobs the old fashioned way but with advanced manufacturing technology: weeks 2 days ago