OMNETRIC Group partners with DataCapable to gather real-time data and improve utility response to outages

Partnership allows OMNETRIC Group to deliver an outage management solution that mines real-time publically-available data to improve outage intelligence 

Access to real-time social media, weather, and customer related data has the potential to reduce restoration times by up to five minutes, improve customer satisfaction, and drive millions of dollars in savings

OMNETRIC Group’s Next-Generation Outage Management Ecosystem is first to pull live feeds and media rich content from publically available data


Tuesday, June 16, 2015 9:57 am EDT


Minnetonka, MN
"Using publically available data to better identify if and where an outage has occurred or to allow a utility to respond more quickly is how we can bring the ‘Internet of Things’ from an idea to a reality in a utility’s control room."

OMNETRIC Group, a joint venture between Siemens and Accenture, has entered into a strategic cooperation and development agreement with DataCapable, a San Diego-based, technology start-up, to strengthen the company’s outage management planning and response technology. DataCapable’s UtiliSocial platform, which gathers publically-shared data, including social media posts, news and weather information, has been incorporated into OMNETRIC Group’s outage response solution. By incorporating mined, real-time data, the new platform can improve response times to outages and other operational challenges and help a utility achieve significant annual savings while improving customer satisfaction. The live data provides greater insight into outage conditions so utilities can more clearly understand circumstances in a certain location and more efficiently restore service. This partnership extends the OMNETRIC Group ecosystem of Next Generation Outage Management technology partners, helping utilities improve their performance during an outage.   

 “Many people are communicating about events such as storms or outages without directly addressing their utility,” said Zac Canders, COO of DataCapable. “If identified and combined with other data sources, this information can rapidly broaden the utility understanding of field conditions, helping it to more accurately assess the safety of its customers and crews, and prioritize its workload.”

“There will always be another event testing the grid, so we are investing in how to make information even more valuable for a utility,” said Wade Malcolm, CEO of OMNETRIC Group, North America. “Using publically available data to better identify if and where an outage has occurred or to allow a utility to respond more quickly is how we can bring the ‘Internet of Things’ from an idea to a reality in a utility’s control room.”

By integrating the mined public data with an operations technology solution managing outage-related functions, for example Siemens Spectrum Power 7, utilities can realize benefits which go beyond those provided by conventional technology options. For example, OMNETRIC Group and DataCapable can help utilities identify a mined or submitted photo of a downed power line that, through its content, time stamp and GPS coordinates, provides a repair crew with invaluable visual information in a seamless fashion. The team is better informed about the situation and the equipment and skills required to handle the repair. Using the location information, algorithms can identify the nearest field equipment, create an outage record, and revise the estimated time to restoration (ETR), automatically communicating this to the customer over a variety of communications channels. 

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