Sustainability in Action

Friday, April 21, 2017 11:00 am EDT


Bob Dixon, Head of Sustainability, Siemens USA

This week, Business Roundtable released its 2017 Sustainability Report, which highlights how the world’s leading companies are committing to the environment and the communities in which they do business.

This year the report highlights the contributions made by Siemens’ environmental portfolio to improve sustainability around the world. Last fiscal year, Siemens’ customers and partners around the world reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 521 million tons.  That’s about 10 times the annual amount of carbon produced in New York City!

Siemens is proud to serve as a supplier of technologies and solutions to help industrial, commercial, municipal, and institutional customers increase operational and energy efficiency.  And, as one of the largest manufacturers in the world, Siemens is committed to our own ambitious sustainability goals as well.  In fact, our CEO, Joe Kaeser, has set a bold objective: to cut Siemens' greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2020 and to become carbon neutral by 2030.  

To achieve our carbon neutrality target, Siemens is focusing on four different areas.  First, our Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) is verifiably reducing energy consumption at the company’s buildings and manufacturing facilities.  Second, we are increasing the use of distributed energy systems (DES) to optimize energy costs at campuses and production plants.  Third, Siemens is systematically employing low-emission vehicles and e-mobility concepts in its worldwide vehicle fleet.  Fourth, the company is moving toward a clean energy mix by increasingly acquiring its electricity from sources that emit little or no CO2 – such as wind power and hydroelectric power.  Our goal is for all U.S. sites to use 100% clean electricity by 2020.

Siemens has already made significant advances in reducing its carbon footprint.  We have cut CO2 emissions from 2.2 million tons in fiscal 2014 to 1.7 million tons in fiscal 2016.  Siemens is investing more than $110 million to improve energy efficiency at offices and factories, and we will require LEED certification for all of our new buildings.  Our sustainability commitment has been recognized across the world.  In January, Siemens was named the most sustainable company in the world by Corporate Knights.  The company was also ranked #1 on Fortune Magazine World’s Most Admired Companies in Industrial Machinery, and was recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in its industry in the 2016 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

We will continue, as we serve customers, to lead by example.

As Managing Board Member and Global Energy CEO, Lisa Davis, has said: “Our goal to become carbon neutral is an extension of the work we do every day to deliver sustainable technologies for our customers – balancing people, planet and profit.”

Editor’s Note:  In addition to his role as head of U.S. sustainability, Bob Dixon also serves as head of the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Center of Competence for Siemens’ North American Building Technologies Division.  Currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO), Dixon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, and is a graduate of the Minnesota Executive program at the University of Minnesota.  He served as a commissioned officer in the California National Guard.