Spreading the Message of Hope One Pass of the Baton at a Time

Thursday, May 29, 2014 10:42 am EDT



Gregory Sorensen, MD, CEO, Siemens Healthcare North America

From the East Coast to the West Coast, and up to Canada, Siemens’ nationwide campaign, “The Baton Pass™,” is raising awareness for cancer research and raising funds to benefit Stand Up To Cancer® (SU2C). With each pass of the Baton, through September 5, Siemens donates $1 to SU2C’s innovative cancer research, up to $1 million.

We are pleased to report that since its launch on Good Morning America on March 19th, The Baton Pass™ has garnered over 400,000 passes, both physical and virtual.

The Baton has helped inspire by spreading the message of hope and unity all across the country, starting with visits during its launch week at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Most recently, the Baton was passed among the 4,000 participants at the City of Hope’s Bone Marrow Transplant reunion followed by Pedal for the Cause’s bike tour in California.  It then traveled back east to North Rockland County, NY, to be passed by more than 2,000 students, ages 2 through 18 across 6 schools, in one day.  During its journey to date, the Baton has physically been passed among cancer patients, cancer survivors, healthcare providers, scientists, students, teachers, and community members.  The theme is easy to embrace, as cancer affects each of us in some way – whether personally or through a loved one or friend.

We joined forces with Stand Up To Cancer® (SU2C) with the shared goal of accelerating innovative cancer research so that new therapies get to patients more quickly. Siemens supplies the healthcare industry with laboratory tests and medical imaging systems with the goal of advancing cancer research and treatment.  Technological advances have given us a profound new window into the human body, enabling today’s doctors to diagnose early and treat in ways that previous generations couldn’t imagine.

The Baton symbolizes the strength and courage embodied in everyone touched by cancer, and the message of hope in the fight against cancer.  Each pass of the Baton is a reminder that if we all unite and work together, we will find a cure for cancer.  

How to Get Involved:

As the Baton continues its journey, you can get involved every step of the way by ‘liking’ The Baton Pass Facebook page and by liking, sharing or commenting on any post on the page.  From now through September 5, each time you like, comment or share a Baton Pass Facebook post, Siemens will donate $1.  Now, passing the Baton is easier than ever with many ways to pass it virtually.

The Baton Pass™ is also on Twitter and Instagram.  Siemens will donate $1 for each tweet or re-tweet that includes the hashtag, #TheBatonPass, and for each image posted to Instagram using the hashtag #TheBatonPass.   You can also virtually pass the Baton by downloading a printable picture of the Baton from The Baton Pass™ “Photo Gallery” and submitting a photo of yourself or others (via Facebook’s Message feature) for posting on The Baton Pass™ Facebook page, or by clicking within a Baton Pass advertisement as a “click to pass.” 

Follow The Baton Pass™ on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheBatonPass and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SiemensHealth.

Gregory Sorensen, MD, is the CEO of Siemens Healthcare North America