Siemens Awarded Emmy for Technical/Engineering Achievement

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 10:38 am EST



Laszlo P. Gaspar, Global Head of Sales, Media and Entertainment , Siemens Convergence Creators Corporation

An invention in the late 1800’s – the Artificial Eye – led to the creation of modern-day television and was honored with an Emmy for Technical/Engineering Achievement from The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).

It was a great evening and we thought we’d share our remarks and a few photos. You can also read more on our press release here.

Remarks as prepared for delivery of acceptance:

We are honored to accept this award on behalf of Siemens.  And we’d like to thank the Academy for this recognition.

Today, Siemens does business in more than 190 countries. Yet it all began with an inventor born 200 years ago: Werner Von Siemens. Werner’s vision led to the first transatlantic cable that brought the world a new era of global communications. It led to a dynamo machine that helped bring electricity into our homes.

But now more people will know that Werner – and his brother William – also helped give the world what we really can’t live without:

Game of ThronesThe Big Bang Theory … and The Walking Dead.

Werner always had a vision. And one of those, as it turns out, was an eye – an artificial eye. This eye started out as an ordinary glass lens. But as light went through it – and as this light interacted with selenium – it produced a one-pixel electronic camera. And this inspired the invention of television.

Siemens continues to be part of television’s evolution. Today we work with broadcast companies to weather this moment of disruption. We help them master over-the-top television – or Television Everywhere – to reach the new viewer looking to watch shows on electronic devices.

But while we usually look forward, today is all about looking back. For more than a century, Werner’s and William’s contribution towards inventing television was overlooked in historical accounts. The artificial eye – at one point – was called the “single greatest invention that no one has ever heard of.”

Now, thanks to the Academy, it’s getting its moment in the spotlight. And for that reason, we are very proud to be standing on this stage and accepting this award. Thank you very much.

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