Honoring our Veterans

Friday, November 11, 2016 12:00 pm EST



Eric A. Spiegel, President and CEO, Siemens USA

Each year, we honor our nation’s heroes on Veteran’s Day.  This year, as in years past, we thank our veterans for defending the freedoms we so enjoy.  As a company, honoring our U.S. military veterans is part of our culture and something we embody every day through our recruitment, training, and employee resource programs.  We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to those that have so selflessly served our country.

And it’s not enough to simply recognize veterans’ service with our words.  Earlier this year, we hired our 2,000th Veteran since joining the White House’s Joining Forces initiative in 2011.  In May, we renewed our participation in the program and committed to hire an additional 500 Veterans over the next five years.  Once hired, veteran employees are encouraged to join the Siemens Veterans Network, an employee resource group that provides transition assistance and mentors to new employees who identify as veterans.

While incredibly important, it’s about more than just hiring employees, it’s also about providing critical training for the evolving job market.  We are proud of new training programs being offered through our Siemens Product Lifecycle Management software business.  Recently, we provided a $108 million in-kind grant for its NX™ software to the United States Technical Education Center (USTEC), a non-profit organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area that promotes STEM literacy and careers.  By using the same technology in the classroom that is used by companies all over the world to develop a wide variety of products, USTEC students are gaining important real-world experience during their studies that will serve them well after graduation.

Siemens PLM has also enhanced its veterans program to include eLearning.  The Siemens PLM USA Veterans Initiative Program has enabled veterans of the US Armed Forces to develop their skills and STEM-related careers by attending instructor-led courses in one of our training centers across the country.  Eligible Veterans will now have access to Learning Advantage Gold membership for up to 6 months at no cost.  Providing access to Learning Advantage will increase the number of Veterans who can make use of this program as it removes the barrier of cost and time to travel to a training center.  Access to training will help enhance veterans’ qualifications for skilled positions in manufacturing industries around the world, including automotive, aerospace, energy, and machinery. 

And we are proud to continue to be recognized for our accomplishments and commitments.  We were named a “Top Veteran-Friendly Company,” by US Veterans Magazine and a “2017 Military Friendly® Employer” by Victory Media.

A source of pride for our employees is that they are contributing to the world around them by making real what matters. It could be providing a power solution to a paper mill that allows people to enjoy reading a real paperback book, or delivering power panels that put athletic fields back in play after it gets dark.  For example, Layla Marshall joined Siemens in 2013, and is responsible for environmental testing of Factory Automation products.  Without the testing she performs, Siemens couldn’t stand behind our promise to customers about our products’ reliable performance and electrical safety in the field.  Layla is driven to contribute to society in more than just in a professional capacity, so she joined the Air National Guard and plays in the Air National Guard Band of the South.  We will be cheering Layla on as she performs in a Veteran’s Day parade at the VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN, tomorrow (November 12).

We are proud of our 3,000-plus veteran employees and honored that they have chosen Siemens to grow their civilian careers.  The skills military veterans possess translate into a range of roles at our company, from corporate leadership to project management, field service, and manufacturing.  In addition to their technical background, our veteran employees have proven leadership experience that makes them invaluable to our organization. 

Editor’s Note:

To learn more about military veterans at Siemens, visit Eric Spiegel’s Facebook “Wall of Heroes.”