For Engineers Week: 5 Ways Engineers Make Real What Matters

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 2:25 pm EST



Judy Marks, CEO, Siemens USA

When I wrote about studying engineering at Lehigh University, I noted the importance of learning technical fundamentals in the lab and classroom.

But what really draws many people into engineering is the opportunity – after they’ve mastered those critical technical fundamentals – to take their skills out into the world. As an engineer, you get to work with abstract ideas and principles and find a way to make them relevant to everyday life.

As an example, Siemens’ founder, Werner von Siemens, did not discover the dynamo-electric principle of generating power. Yet, with his dynamo machine, he was among the first inventors to make the principle real. This is the passion for engineering and technology that Siemens employees continue to build on today, 200 years after Werner was born.

Here, then, are five ways Siemens engineers are making real what matters. For more, follow our #iMakeReal series on Facebook and Twitter

They help people thrive in the digital economy: Irving A. Brown earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering before obtaining his Ph.D. in mathematics. But rather than develop products, the Innovations Development Manager applies his skills towards developing people – specifically, their digital skills. “I make real what matters,” Irving says, “by empowering employees to reach their potential on the job, which also empowers American manufacturers to efficiently compete in the global market.”

They provide power solutions that improve our lives: Project Manager Crystal Cristescu initially saw herself as a business executive. But as her college engineering studies took off, she became more interested in being on a project site where she could see engineering designs and solutions become a reality. “I make real what matters,” Crystal says. “I help people enjoy a good book because I deliver switchgears that power paper manufacturers.”  

They make the world safer: When he thinks about his work, Global Product Manager Ali Ali thinks beyond even the importance of keeping manufacturers up and running with reliable power. “I make real what matters,” Ali says, “by creating products that safely control blocks of electrical power so that people can use electricity safely.”

They ensure products are made to the highest standards: To remain the world leader in automation technology, it is critical that every single Siemens’ automation product lives up to its billing. Says Hardware Test Engineer Layla Marshall: “I make real what matters because without the testing I perform, we can’t stand behind our products’ reliable performance and electrical safety.”

They are shaping digital industry: Software and coding talent emblematic of Silicon Valley is being recruited into the industrial world. We see this particularly in the automotive sector: automobiles are being transformed from huge pieces of hardware to computers on wheels. Jason Dube, an application engineer for Siemens Digital Factory, is now on the leading edge of developing applications for smart factories. “I make real what matters,” Jason says, “by helping ‘drive’ the world. “I create digital automation solutions for the automotive industry.”


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