To reduce carbon footprint, major tech companies turn to wind

Monday, August 22, 2016 10:00 am EDT


Jacob Andersen, CEO Onshore Americas, Siemens Wind Power & Renewables Division

More and more, prominent technology companies and major corporations are turning to clean, affordable and abundant wind energy to power their operations.

We saw that exciting trend up close this month in Indiana, where Siemens proudly joined our customer Pattern Energy for a special ceremony celebrating the dedication of the 150 megawatt (MW) Amazon Wind Farm in Benton County. The electricity produced at this project, which features 65 of our 2.3 MW wind turbines, will supply the electric grids that service Amazon Web Services’ data centers.

Data centers consume massive amounts of power, amounting to nearly two percent of the nation’s electricity. Given that enormous demand, major technology companies – such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple – are leading the way in harnessing renewable energy as they seek to reduce carbon emissions.

Last year alone, Amazon Web Services signed four power purchase agreements as they pursue a mission of achieving 100% renewable energy.

When Facebook opened a data center in 2014 in Altoona, Iowa, the social networking giant turned to renewable energy from a wind farm in Wellsburg, Iowa.  

In 2013, Google invested around $200 million in a wind farm in the Texas panhandle. This project can produce enough electricity to power more than 60,000 typical American homes.

And this month, we saw another milestone with corporate purchasers of renewable energy. Apple Energy, a subsidiary of Apple, can now sell excess power from its solar projects into wholesale markets – serving as both a consumer and producer of renewable power.

These examples – along with countless others from the public and private sectors – show that power generation with wind is more attractive than ever.  Because it’s clean, it’s reliable and it’s creating manufacturing jobs right here in America.  There is strong demand for sustainable and affordable wind energy in America, and we are proud to deliver technology that continues to expand wind energy in the U.S.




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