Siemens’ Lisa Davis on the Future of Energy

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:00 am EST


Eric A. Spiegel, President and CEO, Siemens USA

With the price of oil hovering in the vicinity of $50 per barrel, the need to deliver cost-saving efficiencies in the oil and gas industry – from well-head to refining – is more urgent than ever.

In a piece titled “More Power to You: What Automation Means For the Energy Sector” – which appears in a Siemens sponsored content section in Bloomberg BusinessWeek – Siemens Managing Board Member Lisa Davis discusses the vital role technology plays in “producing, transporting and processing new resources in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.” She showcases Siemens as an industry leader in delivering innovation from extraction to end user. 

Drawing on her decades of experience, Davis makes a case for using data analytics and automation to drive efficiency and reliability at every stage of the energy value chain – with a focus on the need to build midstream infrastructure.

It’s a thought-provoking piece on where the energy industry is headed. I hope you’ll take a few moments to give it a read.