SNEAK PEEK: Energy Management Technologies Go “On the Road”

Monday, May 2, 2016 11:00 am EDT


Kevin Yates, President, Siemens Energy Management

Siemens has launched its “On the Road” tour, an interactive technology experience and demonstration that will visit cities and customers across the country. Launching this week at the IEEE T&D trade show, the largest U.S. transmission and distribution event, the 120-foot long semi-truck and trailer will feature the latest energy technologies that help move power reliably and efficiently from generation down to consumption.

Visitors at IEEE and in cities across the U.S. will be able to interact virtually with many technologies that are helping address power reliability, security, efficiency and digitalization in a changing energy landscape. The technologies will also highlight what can be done to help industries like oil and gas, food and beverage, automation, construction, data centers, and power utilities take advantage of the 21st century energy mix.

Check out photos below of the semi-truck to learn more about the innovative technologies that will be featured on the tour:

The 120-foot long, 800 square-foot semi-truck and trailer is currently scheduled to travel to 12 cities to demonstrate the latest energy management technologies and services.


The trailer will highlight how energy management technologies impact the entire energy chain, from generation down to consumption.


Visitors will interact virtually with technology demonstrations via iPads and touchscreens to get a real-life feel for how the latest systems help address the industry’s largest challenges from distribution energy to physical grid security.

There are hundreds of technologies and services featured throughout the semi-truck including details on Siemens-manufactured wind turbines, microgrid software, bullet-resistant transformers, and critical power infrastructure equipment, and many others.