How Siemens helps a leading San Francisco data center provider maintain uptime by thinking outside the (electrical) box

Monday, December 7, 2015 10:00 am EST


Kevin Yates, Head Siemens Energy Management Division and Dave Hopping, President, Siemens Building Technologies Division, North America

Data centers form the backbone of practically every technology and industry. They are the critical, essential infrastructure that enable massive amounts of data being created every second to be shared across millions of connected devices. Often thought of as a room full of servers, a data center is much more than that. It relies on a complex infrastructure including electrical equipment, cooling, fire safety, and security solutions to run efficiently and reliably 24-7.

San Francisco-based Digital Realty, the world’s largest data center provider with over 130 locations globally, understands the importance of building its data centers with the right infrastructure to deliver better solutions for their customers. Digital Realty looked to Siemens to develop scalable, cost-efficient, and faster ways to implement a data center solution from concept to execution.

Working with electrical integrator JDC Power Systems, Inc. (JDC), we developed a radical approach to the installation of data center infrastructure for Digital Realty. Instead of setting up electrical systems on-site during construction, electrical rooms are now fully assembled prior to delivery in a controlled factory environment. All electrical equipment is built onto a standardized metal frame and pre-wired for efficient installation. This innovative solution has cut production time of rapid deployment projects by 30 percent, from an average of 179 to around 80 days.

“We’ve delivered over 100 pre-fabricated electrical room solutions, and we’ve saved over 1,600 days of construction,” said Steve Kundich, Senior Vice President of Global Design for Digital Realty.

Siemens and JDC are able to ensure the electrical equipment is consistent for each project and work on the electrical infrastructure and the rest of the building can occur simultaneously, saving time and money and adding flexibility and scalability.



Each pre-assembled, skid-mounted electrical room contains efficient and cost-effective power technologies including switchboards, low-voltage switchgear, panel boards, and transformers. Advanced technologies installed in a flexible infrastructure means Digital Realty can power the cloud and provide its partners with a reliable, open and highly connected platform.

Digital Realty intends to continue replicating this model at locations throughout the U.S. and across the globe. We’re proud that Siemens technologies are helping Digital Realty achieve real time and cost savings, while ensuring that data created from trillions of devices is stored safely and efficiently. This project is certainly proof that with the right partners, challenges can turn into opportunities.

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