100 Years of Radiology

Monday, November 23, 2015 11:00 am EST



David Pacitti, Head of Siemens Healthcare North America

In 1915, five radiologists met to form the Western Roentgen Society, the predecessor to Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), only 20 years after Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X-ray. Now here we are, the year 2015, and in a mere 100 years, we have found ways to process cross-sectional images of the body, utilize radioactive tracers to better understand the structure and blood flow of our organs, uncover tumors that might have gone unnoticed if not for 3D medical imaging, and target localized cancer cells with the assistance of imaging therapies. Those are just a few examples of the many advancements our field has made. If you ask me, that is a lot of ground covered in only 100 years.


Siemens has played a critical role in that technological evolution, beginning with our introduction of the first commercial X-ray in 1895. Since that original milestone, a host of developments in medical imaging have transformed the discipline. Certainly the healthcare industry as a whole is experiencing a period of massive change. Great technological advances are being shaped by everything from traditional practices and organizational structures to regulatory policies and workflow processes. Yet amid this flux, one core element remains constant – the need for early and accurate diagnosis to improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care. In the end, it all comes down to the best patient experience, and delivering the right diagnosis at the right time sits at the heart of that endeavor.


As an industry we are highly committed to this goal. Through our continued drive to innovate, the next 100 years of radiology promise to produce even more incredible advancements than the first. At Siemens, we continue our heritage of investment in research and development, which has led to our strong reputation of innovation leadership.  In the field of Radiology, we are focusing our efforts on diagnostic and interventional imaging and advanced therapies, aiming to make key contributions toward next-generation healthcare. We consistently bring solutions to market that help healthcare providers deliver higher-quality patient care while also increasing their operational efficiency – solutions that we call Sustainable Healthcare Technology™.


It all started with an X-ray, and in a few days, hundreds of healthcare industry leaders from around the world will be at RSNA at McCormick Place in Chicago, where the exhibit halls will be filled with the latest and greatest advancements in Radiology – advancements that all have roots in that one discovery. I am extremely proud to be a part of a community that contributes to these progressive developments in healthcare, and I am even more excited to see what the future of Radiology holds.